Waitlist Information

Frequently Asked Questions About Waitlisting

A student trying to register for a closed section of a waitlisted class will have the option to go on an automated waitlist. When a seat becomes available in the desired section, the student at the top of the waitlist receives an email and has 24 hours to add the class online. During the student’s allotted time period, no other student will be able to register for that seat. If there is no response within that time, the student will be automatically dropped from the waitlist and the next student on the list will be notified.

Which classes have a waitlist?
Students can tell whether or not a class has a waitlist by checking the online schedule of classes, where enrollment counts are currently listed. New fields have been added to indicate if a course is waitlisted. A zero indicates a course is waitlisted but no students are currently on the list.

Who is eligible to waitlist?
To be waitlisted, students must meet all of the prerequisites and restrictions for the course, just as if they were registering. Students whose registered classes conflict with the desired CRN cannot be added to the waitlist, nor can they waitlist for multiple sections of the same course. Additionally, students with registration holds may not be added to a waitlist.

How do I sign up for a waitlist?
View a short tutorial here.

How do I add a class after getting my waitlist notification?
View a short tutorial here.

How do I drop myself from a waitlist?
View a short tutorial here.

Is there a way for me to see how close I am to the top of a waitlist?
Yes, you can view your status in PAWS under the Registration tab, Student Detail Schedule link. If your waitlist position is 1, you are next in line. If a seat opens, you will move into the 0 position and an email will be sent to your FIT email account.

May I waitlist for more than one section of the same course?

When do waitlists end?
All waitlists will be discontinued at 11:59 p.m. on Thursday of the week before classes start.

I received the waitlist email but when I tried to register, I couldn’t because of a hold. What are my options?
All registration holds must be cleared before registering (this includes waitlisted classes).

I accidentally dropped my waitlisted class. How do I get back in?
Within the 24-hour window, you can add the class back as usual. After the 24-hour window, you are dropped from the waitlist, and the spot is given to the next available person on the waitlist. You may add yourself back to the waitlist, but any other students already on the waitlist will have priority.

Can’t the instructor just sign me into the class?
No. Faculty and staff may not sign override slips for any classes with an automated waitlist.

What if I am a senior? Shouldn’t I get priority over a freshman?
The priority registration period allows upperclassmen and other special student populations to register first. After that time, all registration for classes with the waitlist option is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Will I get multiple reminders when a seat becomes available?
No. You will only receive one email notification of an available seat in a class. You must check your FIT email on a regular basis or you will miss the chance to get a seat. If you miss your chance, you can place yourself on the waitlist again, but any other students already on the waitlist will have priority.