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Photo Credit: NOAA

Advanced Prediction of Sea Level Rise and Coastal Inundation for the U.S. Atlantic Coast

NOAA Climate Office Award: NA11OAR43101.

Award: $1.5 Million for 7 PIs, 7 universities.

Lead PI:  Dr. Ben Horton (UPenn). Co-PIs:  Drs Ken Lindeman (FIT), Stephan Rahmstorf (Potsdam Institute), Andy Kemp (Yale), Michael Mann (PSU), Jeff Donnelly (WHOI), Reide Corbett (ECSU), Dick Peltier (UT).

F.I.T. Climate Adaptation Component:  Build comprehensive guidance on the most effective tools for transferring technical information on sea level adaptation to coastal policy makers in real-world political scenarios. Products include analysis of hundreds of climate planning documents from all global regions in the F.I.T. Virtual Climate Adaptation Library and from othr sources.

Project Adaptation Components include:

1) Analysis of Science Needs for Coastal Adaptation Planning.  Using workshops on the east coast of the U.S. and analyses of hundreds of climate planning documents from many sources, we are regionally evaluating the most effective means of deploying technical information with stakeholders and decision-makers. 

2) Analysis of Adaptation Options: Information Products for Decision-Makers.  We are building guides to the large pool of climate adaptation planning options available. We are using information from the larger project components and merging it with the products of subcomponents above to generate user-friendly print and web-based project summaries in English and Spanish. These products can be deployed with all stakeholder groups to improve the use of climate science information for adaptation and planning.