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Solar Powered Hybrid Lighting System

This research project deals with development of novel energy saving devices – a solar powered hybrid lighting system that tracks and concentrates sunlight with a solar collector/concentrating dish. The sunlight is transferred using fiber optics to the patent pending light distribution system. The light is monitored and controlled for uniformity and transferred by fiber optics to the light fixture. The light fixture has no need for power like a traditional bulb because it simply emits the light. At night the light distribution system uses high intensity, high efficiency L.E.Ds as the light source.

These energy-saving devices are designed to provide lighting using a single control system with multiple outputs instead of each individual fixture needing a lighting control system. This saves the add-on cost associated with individual hybrid luminaires and, because each fixture no longer needs a high voltage power supply, installation and maintenance costs are lowered compared to other power-saving devices on market.

These energy-saving devices allow retail building owners to save thousands of dollars each month in lighting bills. The average monthly lighting bill for this type of property can be reduced by 85%. The system's unique patent pending distribution system spreads sunlight to rooms through fiber optic cable. Initial test results show that each system can supply natural light in a building up to 5,000 square feet. The cost of the hybrid lighting system is 50 times cheaper than using a current lighting system over a 30 year period. Tests have shown that natural light increases sales and improves well-being. These energy saving devices are perfect for retail locations.