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Family Learning Program 2013- 2016

This grant funds the treatment services using a TF-CBT model and related research of an intra-familial child sexual abuse treatment program that is primarily based on the provision of group counseling to victims and family members. Program provides; 1) Sexual abuse treatment plan 2) TF-CBT - the model intervention and treatment plan 3) Intra-family Sexual Abuse - Sexual abuse that has been perpetrated against a child by a family member or a person in a caretaking role within the family unit. 4) Counseling - Treatment provided to enhance and expand individual and family coping resources. 5) Group counseling - the provision of counseling within a group setting specific to the age and relationship of the victim/family member. Department of Health/CMS and Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) grants fund the sexual abuse treatment services for FLP.  SATP services include group therapy utilizing the TF-CBT model with related modules including psychoeducation, stress management, affective expression and modulation, cognitive coping, creating the trauma narrative, cognitive processing, behavioral management training, parent-child sessions and evaluation.

Group therapy is based upon the age and developmental level of the victim, siblings, and caregivers and the following groups are offered:  young children, pre-teen, teen, siblings, and Non-offending Caregiver (NOC). If clinically indicated, individual and family therapy is also available. Because the Family Learning Program provides SATP services within a clinical doctoral psychology training program, services are provided by doctoral psychology clinicians under the supervision of a licensed psychologist. The FLP also maintains a database and relevant data entered, to promote related research by doctoral clinical psychology and other Florida Tech students. As an evidence-based treatment, the TF-CBT model is incorporated into all SATP treament services at FLP.