Staff Development

What is this all about?

This program is designed to assist every Florida Tech employee in maximizing personal and professional growth.

Is this for me?

You are a valuable member of the Florida Tech team, and we appreciate everything you do. It is our hope that we can better serve your needs as an employee by providing a comprehensive program to support you.  Florida Tech's staff development program is designed to provide employees with the right tools and resources (high tech with a human touch) to support you.  Without a staff development program in place, it is well documented that any organization can be hindered by:

  • High employee turnover and associated costs
  • Lack of employee determination
  • Loss of employee motivation
  • Lack of communication

Our goals for staff include:

  • Employee retention 
  • Low replacement costs
  • Develop determination and unity
  • Motivation for skill development
  • Improved communication and productivity

Resources we provide for you:

  • Links to online courses
  • Self-help articles
  • Free templates
  • Recommended reading