Crawford Building (1969)

The Crawford Building has a curious history. In the 1960s, Jerry Keuper went to Michigan to meet with Fred Crawford who was then CEO of TRW, a leader in the aerospace industry. Crawford listened to Keuper's appeal for a gift to the university. When Keuper was finished he told him, "Listen, here's what I want you to do. Write a letter to presidents of every aerospace corporation in America and ask for donations." Keuper looked at Crawford and replied, "Mr. Crawford, why are you telling me to do this? You and I both know that nothing will happen if I write a letter." Crawford smiled, "Write the letter. Then, I'll make the phone calls." The letter was written, the phone calls made, and the money poured in.

Students and faculty have performed numerous experiments in the Tower's many laboratories. Professor Edward Teller (the "father of the hydrogen bomb") regularly visited the building where he liked to appear unannounced as a guest lecturer in the freshman physics courses.