Greek Life at Florida Tech has a rich tradition of fostering student involvement and development. Greek Life were founded on the ideals of leadership, scholarship, community service and friendship. The organizations on campus continue to work towards these same ideals today through diversified recruitment activities and a strong commitment to our four pillars: Scholarship, Leadership, Friendship, and Service.


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"Going Greek" is a great way to meet new people on campus, find a family away from home, become involved in all that the University has to offer, grow and strengthen your confidence, network with thousands of people across the globe, learn new heights of leadership, bolster your resume, gain potentially thousands of dollars in scholarship money, and literally become ready for anything as you graduate and head into the 'real world.'

Students of all backgrounds and cultures have found a place for themselves and thrived within the University's fraternities and sororities. Florida Tech hosts 8 fraternities (men) and 3 sororities (women) organizations (chapters or colonies), and over 450 students are currently involved in a Greek Life. In all, Greek Life adds a dimension to one's college experience that simply is not found in other organizations.

With all the changes, you’ll find it’s an incredible time to be in a fraternity or sorority here at Florida Tech! The most awesome opportunity you have in college is that of being able to design and write an exciting new chapter of your own life to make decisions and put learning to use that will literally determine the course and direction of your future. We hope to meet you soon in one of our 10 organizations as you make this new chapter one of the best experiences you’ll ever have!